Workshop in Ancient and Contemporary Philosophy

2023/24: Logic, Epistemology, Ethics, Language

The workshop in Ancient and Contemporary Philosophy meets several times throughout the academic year. This year’s sequence of sessions is devoted to themes in logic, epistemology, ethics, and the philosophy of language. Please find information about speakers, dates, and times below.

Friday August 18, 8:45-9:45 EST Zoom

Taylor Pincin (Columbia), “Aristotle’s Mereologies and the Indivisibility of Form”

Commentator: Wooseok Kim (Columbia)

Thursday August 31, 9-10 EST Zoom

Avery Archer (George Washington University), “Agnosticism”

Commentator: Helen Han Wei Luo (Columbia)

November, Date and Time TBD Zoom

Marko Malink (NYU), “Categories in Topics I.9”

Commentator: Taylor Pincin (Columbia)

February, Date and Time TBD Zoom

Christiana Olfert (Tufts), “Equally Plausible?”

Commentators: Jake Haagenson (Columbia) and Johanna Schmitt (HU Berlin)

March, Date and Time TBD Zoom

Laura Castelli (Cambridge), “Training the Mind for Truth”

Commentators: Jonathan Tanaka (Berkeley) and Abigail Breuker (Columbia)

March, Date and Time TBD Zoom

Robert Bolton (Rutgers), “Testimony and Truth in Aristotle”

Commentators: Sebastiano Bellegia (Columbia) and Christopher Izgin (HU Berlin)

April Date and Time TBD Zoom

Marc Gasser-Wingate (Boston University), “Empeiria in Aristotle”

Commentators: Margaret Corn (Columbia) and Anthony Hejduk (Columbia)

Sponsors of this event series include Columbia University’s Division of Humanities, Classical Studies Graduate Program, and Philosophy Department.