External References

Marcus Gibson

Marcus Gibson, Princeton University, PhD 2019: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Princeton University, 2019-.

Emily Hulme

Emily Hulme, Princeton University, PhD 2019: Lecturer, Greek Philosophy, University of Sydney, 2022-. Seymour Reader in Ancient Philosophy, University of Melbourne, 2019-22.

Carl Hildebrand

Carl Hildebrand, University of Oxford, PhD 2018: Assistant Professor, Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit, School of Clinical Medicine, LKS Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong 2024-. Research Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong, 2020-24. Instructor, University of the Fraser Valley, 2019-20. Tutor in Philosophy and Public Policy, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford, 2018-19.

Simona Aimar

Simona Aimar, University of Oxford, PhD 2017: Lecturer of Philosophy, University College London, 2015-.

Katherine Meadows

Katherine Meadows, Stanford University, PhD 2017: Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, Indiana University Bloomington, 2019-. Stalnaker Postdoc, MIT, 2017-19.

Justin Vlasits

Justin Vlasits, UC Berkeley, PhD 2017: Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2021-. Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, University of Tübingen, 2017-21.

Máté Veres

Máté Veres, Central European University, PhD 2016: Postdoc at ELTE University and Central European University 2019-, Hamburg University and University of Geneva 2017-18.

Simon Shogry

Simon Shogry, Princeton University, PhD 2016: Associate Professor and Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy, Brasenose College, Oxford, 2017-.

Ian McCready-Flora

Ian McCready-Flora, University of Michigan, PhD 2011: Assistant Professor, Corcoran Department of Philosophy, University of Virginia.

Anna Schriefl

Anna Schriefl, University of Bonn, PhD 2010: Assistant Professor of Philosophy, HU Berlin, 2021-23. ZAZH-Visiting Professor of Philosophy, UZH Zurich, Fall 2020. Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Bonn, 2010-20.