Intro to Ancient Philosophy

Below are some videos and a syllabus. The videos are samples from a series of 50 mini lectures for “History of Philosophy I.” The series is part of the asynchronous course materials for a class of 100 students located in many parts of the world during the Fall semester 2020.

Lesson 01-1: What is Presocratic Philosophy?

Lesson 01-2: Thales on Water

Lesson 04-2: Empty and Void

Lesson 06-2: Socratic Paradoxes

Lesson 07-1: “What is X?”-Questions

Lesson 11-1: Hypotheses in the Meno

Lesson 13-2: Tripartition in the Republic

Lesson 15-2: The Simile of the Line

Lesson 18-1: Habituation

Lesson 23-2: Cognitive Impressions?