Selected Papers

The pdf-files are drafts or uncorrected proofs or, with the permission of publishing houses, corrected proofs or final versions. If you plan to refer to one of these papers, please consult the official versions or me. Comments are very welcome.

Vagueness and Kataleptic Impressions

Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume, Volume 96, Issue 1, June 2022, Pages 165–183.

Metaethics for Discord: Plato’s Euthythro

Pyrrhonian Indeterminacy

Skepticism as Philosophy: A Reply to Richard Bett

The Stoic Conception of Law

The Agency of the World

The Euthyphro Problem Revisited

Stoic Definitions Without Forms

Incomplete Ignorance

Rethinking the Contest Between Pleasure and Wisdom: Plato’s Philebus: 11a-14b

A Unified Notion of Cause

Love and Hatred

Plato on Hunger and Thirst

What is Hedonism?

Who You Are Is What You Eat: Food in Ancient Thought

Introduction: Skepticism and Metaphysics in Diogenes Laertius

All Sense-Perceptions are True: Epicurean Responses to Skepticism and Relativism

Imagining Good Future States: Hope and Truth in Plato’s Philebus

Ignorance and Investigation

Taking the Same Things Seriously and Not Seriously: A Stoic Proposal on Value and the Good

Plato on Madness and the Good Life

Appearances and Assent: Sceptical Belief Reconsidered

The Aims of Sceptical Investigation

Why Pleasure Gains Fifth Rank: Against the Anti-Hedonist Interpretation of the Philebus

Belief and Investigation in Plato’s Republic

Sons of the Earth: Are the Stoics Metaphysical Brutes?

Duties to Others: Demands and Limits

The Good is Benefit: On the Stoic Definition of the Good

Anger, Present Injustice, and Future Revenge in Seneca’s De Ira

Skeptische Suche und das Verstehen von Begriffen

Die frühe stoische Theorie des Werts