Postdoctoral Research Scholars

Taylor Pincin

BA UC Berkeley (2014)

MSt University of Oxford (2016)

PhD UT Austin (2023)

Taylor Pincin works primarily on explanation, unity, and priority in Aristotle’s metaphysical framework(s). In her dissertation, she developed a novel approach to priority in being (ousia) according to which priority in being is a generic explanatory priority that may manifest differently depending on context, where the relevant contexts are the distinct Aristotelian sciences. In the Science of Being, Taylor argued, priority in being is first and foremost concerned, not with explaining Being (to on), as one might expect, but with explaining Unity (to hen). Currently, Taylor is occupied with two main projects. The first teases apart distinct mereological systems in Aristotle, and the second develops two distinct modes of metaphysical explanation, subtle yet prevalent in Aristotle, but which can be traced back to Plato’s Phaedo.

Columbia University // Department of Philosophy // 719 Philosophy Hall // Mail Code: 4971 // 1150 Amsterdam Avenue // New York, NY 10027 // USA